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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Finished the bell gargoyle(s) at my second attempt. I was in human form at that time so I could summon Solaire to help. I was surprised how painless the fight was compared to the maneater. Luckily the roof is larger, so there is plenty of space to dodge and move around.

Just killed the Moonlight Butterfly. Was pretty easy fight, just a lot of dodging her spells and hacking when she came close enough and running away once she explodes.

So far down:
Asylum Demon (tutorial, 1 death)
Taurus Demon (first attempt)
Bell Gargoyle (1 death)
Moonlight Butterfly (first attempt)

In terms of mini-bosses I managed 2 Black Knights and the armored boar so far. Didn't die with either of them. I'm repeatedly getting stomped into the ground by those giants on the way to the Moonlight Butterfly. Currently I just ignore them and run past.
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