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Re: Last movie impressions

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
the film was primarily a social media reaction to THIS
The similarities seem not to exist so i guess taking it just as a more general movie about riots might be ok.

It could have easily been a disaster.
At least the ending was imo a disaster. Throughout the movie i thought it really wants to explain rioting, get me in touch with a background needed for that, and i guess the sort of "hysteric realism" worked sufficient for me, at least better than the story of Hooligans, until the pivotal point scene where the aggressive music should be turned off....
All events afterwards appeared just stupid, removing any sense that the preceding hour might have made.
I don't know what the message in the end was.
Black people are lazy goof-offs complaining about their situation and actually everything, hating the White, hating the Asian, hating the successful, always act up, instead of really doing something for their situation? Fighting for something not against something?
I was really confused how this work could have been done by a black man and how i was supposed to interpret the racism in it.
The final cite of King is good, i also can agree on the second one of Malcolm X, but were was that in the movie?

Föhnlage - Ein Alpenkrimi
I love those Bavarian movies with their super thick slang, very quirky figures, making it possible to be funny, while being suspenseful.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Qudditch, once again. Oh my. Can't they do some cricket, baseball, golf or any other sport i actually find boring but would much rather see than this "sport" with ludicrous rules.
And also some other scenes could have easily followed the Tom Bombadil example since they seem totally unimportant. e.g. The whole story how they get in could easily have been done without the apple, without the bird, without showing twice (or thrice?) how the cover is removed. What was the magical sand glass for? Was there any reason to mention it?
I can't comment on the books but either they are overhyped or the directors of the movies can't transfer its greatness. But since the imdb-rating is actually quite good i guess the books are also similarly bad.
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