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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

I could write my very own top 5 why Dark Souls is better than Skyrim but I don't want to attract rampaging Skyrim fanboys & girls

Yes, Dark Souls is also nicely 'old-fashioned' in the way everything is right there from the start and no dlc announced. Also, your goodies for pre-ordering are the same regardless where you pre-order. This is a nice change compared to the modern day nonsense where you have to buy 3 to 5 versions of a game if you would like to have the complete package right away, since every major retailer has a different pre-order incentive. The different versions of DXHR gave me a headache and I still didn't get LA Noire or Red Dead Redemption party because of that. I guess gamestop might be a bit annoyed by not having some special dlc but honestly, who cares?
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