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Re: Last movie impressions

The First Grader
Definitely an interesting movie about an old African veteran who wants to learn reading.
True story that would have deserved a better end product.

Wickie und die starken Männer
Simple kids movie. But i liked it since it had charm and revived the good old animation series.

Sunshine Cleaning
Very nice low-key movie.

Mein Bruder sein Erbe und ich (My brother, his heritage and me)
As above, but it made not much sense in the end. Instead of talking with one another it seemed they ignored one another just to make the short road trip at the end possible.

Eat Drink Man Woman
I really liked the cooking scenes. Sort of spectacular.
The story itself was clumsy sometimes with holes in the relationships of the characters.

Kakushi ken oni no tsume (the hidden blade)
Great portrait of the ending of the samurai era, sticking to honor, tradition, only slowly adapting to western thinking and very rarely counter orders from their clan leader.

De zaak Alzheimer
Sort of similar to a movie i saw not long ago; Fuk sau, although this one here is not about revenge but about taking a u-turn of an aging assassin.
Great idea of a movie. Only negatives were the wannabe cool scenes, camera work and cutting which seemed not to fit to the melancholic theme.

A documentation of an Israeli questioning if, although it's everywhere in the Israeli press and in America a rather big organization monitors and does anti-lobbying worldwide, antisemitism still exists today.
If the "worshiping" and the usage as a shield in every case Israel is criticized is right or if it would not be better to look forward which doesn't mean to forget but grow out of the eternal in some way paralyzing victim role.

Der Sohn des Waffenmachers ~ son of the gun maker ??(imdb doesn't find an international title)
Kind of similar to what first Grader showed. Leaving war and aggression behind and trying to step into a new better generation.
Interesting movie with a documentary feel about a Pashtun kid living close to the Afghan border which is struggling about his fathers wish that he should follow his life as a gun maker (without ever going to school).
The story about a kid wanting to go to school is hardly the important part, i'd say it's the look inside the lifes of Pashtuns.

Do the right thing
Original with subtitles. Very rare that german TV shows that.
Interesting study about black people, about the rioting english youth, about the french burning cars in Paris...
It hardly shows solutions, only shows how easy destructive phases can be ignited if the community feels suppressed, feel like people of second or maybe third class.
The story is actually ending quite stupid, imo for various reasons, but more movies about this topic would be good.

The camera work is a little implausible, too good, for the events happening, but other than that a nice horror thriller.

I can understand when nobodies want to star in a movie, any movie, but why do successful singers also bother to star in such bad movies? Are they bored or have they the same delusion like many people going on stage of those casting shows and singing terrible.
A movie nobody needed because it was done much better more than once before.
Most hilarious scene is the fighting in the end. "Come here", uh, Beyonce is angry... OMG

Black Water
I liked the beginning, but it appeared almost funny when the crocodile always appeared right in the second when they after hours dared to dip their toes in the water. Do they hunt this way, waiting hours while don't eating already killed bodies? A bored or angry animal?

Star Trek
I don't know if i liked it that much because it was really good or because it just was finally a Star Trek movie that was more than a series special, big screen material.
It did a great job of giving the main figures more background than they iirc ever had in the series while still staying close to the source material.
Loved the thick music entourage especially in the beginning.
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