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Rage Time.
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Re: Supreme Ruler 2020 Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes and Strategy

I agree with that guy who wrote that huge comment about the bugs in the game, and I just want to tell you how I play...:-

I'm Egyptian, so I naturally play as Egypt. First of all, the game is based on speculation, and TOO MANY changes to this "2020" world state. When I start, I immediately want to build troops and a strong Military, and I build slow, but of course, it's Egypt and we can only build slow. But then I want to grow an economy so i can build faster. Petroleum is little. No Uranium and Egypt is in Africa, and every day discoveries of Uranium mines are being made. My Economy cannot grow no matter what I do, and my FUCKING ministers screw everything up. For example, I am trying to spam military goods, but I don't want the retard to keep selling it, and when I stockpile, the guy starts stockpiling everything else, and I don't mind this, except the second I switch it off, he starts selling it all again. My Economy is dead. Every factory I build, I have to build like 20 mines of some random crap like Coal (Which Egypt doesn't have, although is in the top-rated countries in the world for Coal/Natural Gas Wtf mate?). So, I, naturally, rage, and I look at ways to hack my economy. I look at Saudi Arabia, which happens to just sit on it's ass and get cash like no other country in the game, and they love me when I trade them, so I buy some military good/consumer goods/water anything basically, and sell to Saudi and buy it back for less. In a few minutes I have made about 500K Million cash, and I do this to many countries, such as Pakistan, China, Russia, Japan (amazing for military goods ninja-ing).

Next, I wanna start my Military, and I notice Israel always declares on Syria first for the lolz, and then Israel rapes Syria for a few minutes, and then Syria sends the whole world down and advances on Israel, and then Israel just dies, which makes me rage because I want a piece of the action. No point in military research, just hack more money and then buy from US for x50 the price but no problems, I have almost unlimited Money. I build a few land factories, my money does not stop going down. I reserve units, my "reserves" disappear. I HAVE 82 MILLION POPULATION AND I GOT 600K RESERVES? - In real life, Egypt is estimated at 4 million RESERVED, and who knows how many more cuz they hide the true info.

Now, Military. I had to build aircraft fabs because somehow Egypt has none (6th largest aircraft force in the world today, and soon to be 5th or 4th), and Egypt has no Naval fabs (also in top ranks in the world), and my units are only 300 (10th/11th largest Military in the world), so I start to build. I leave the game on for... 2 days, and come back to see I have like a trillion debt, my minister has sold like 12 billion reserves of military goods/industrial goods like a retard, and that every single country is making money and just dying. Oh and Israel got screwed.

I have Units everywhere, and even though I only wanted tanks, I see alot of other random bull being made, no matter what I do. I have the latest tech. I have the largest Military in the world. I have all the power I need, and the second I make war on some random country like Chad (who I have 100% on - High Volatility), UN starts to hate me, and my economy immediately starts dying again after re-scamming other countries.

War tactics:- Satellites are useless, dont work. Most Tech don't work. All my units LOVE chilling near the enemy capital eating Hommos, and I have to send 200 supply planes to fuel them, and every 2 hexes they die again, so I give up and end up Nuking the crap out of the Capital, WHICH TAKES LIKE 15 NUKES TO DIE ?!?!?!?!?!?! (Nukes are very Nerfed in this game, Russia has Nukes in real life that can wipe out a continent, and 1 nuke can't kill a tank? - Oh and M1A1 tanks and above are immune to Nukes). Why are there no Silos? Why are Nukes so fake?

My Military moves in and wipes Chad, and they all die, and it takes me about a month in-game to refuel every single one and return them back to base.

There are so many bugs, I can't keep typing like this, I want to declare war on US for a bit, so... Please fix these issues, I mean, the game is amazing, and I would buy it at 100$ if it was just tweaked so as to make everything work in the game. It's the best strategy game out there, and everyone would buy it if it was fixed, so wtf are you guys doing... Watching us rage every 2 seconds, then use cheats, to find out some random country declared war on the other side of the world and makes me bankrupt cuz I have to release my units?

This is the best strategy game out there, don't ditch it and bail and make some fake ass game like Call of Duty, work on this day and night and make it pro, as it should be, and I guarantee I will be of the first people to buy this amazing game. Everyone wants to be their own country, and everyone wants to spam, make us do these things plox.

<3 from Egypt.
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