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Saddest Games

Alright, guys, I wanna cry, and I want a game to do it to me.

What are the saddest games you've played? I'm sure this thread has probably been made before, but it's been a while since the last one, I bet, and I'm sure some newer games have come out with a bit of emotional impact. The games don't necessarily have to have made you cry, but just games that are pretty sad.

I'll start, kind of.

Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (the gameboy/gameboy color one). Something about this game, I guess the ending mostly, and the music, just seemed really sad to me. I don't want to really go into spoiler territory, but the entire game had this melancholic feel to it. Every character I recall talking to, every animal I encountered in it, they all just seemed a bit forlorn. And it's kinda explained and understood by the end of the game.

Another one, off the top of my head, and probably getting one of the obvious ones out of the way: Shadow of the Colossus. Again, don't wanna go into spoiler territory, but the entire game, while adventurous mostly, had a somber feel to it, probably because, while watching be tackle the first giant, my Mom walked by and said "Why are you killing him? He was just minding his own business..." as I stabbed the sword into his forehead.
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