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Re: 3DS second circle pad rumour

This looks just like an accessory like an arcade stick for bemus or a wheel for racing games or much rather like the motion+, nothing all future games will need and thus never really become a standard. At least it will be cheaper for Monster Hunter fans to get their special input device.

But it really makes an odd picture when Nintendo was too cheap to add this from start. Certainly devs can do all sorts of games without it, but two sticks was one dominant lacking feature of the PSP so why not add it anyway. Allowing shooters and camera control on ported games, or whatever, can hardly be bad for Nintendos success.

Nintendo had insane success the last/current generation but could have done much better with a little more investing in their hardware power and now better incorporating the standards given by their competitors. The wii-u looks like it wants to but the 3DS looks even more rushed out to me than ever.
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