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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by JLB1987 View Post
Thanks I got to the final mission probably about six months ago, tried it about thirty times, and then sort of gave up. I'll still try and tackle it occasionally because it's a game I love and would love to say I've completed, but it's just insane on hard mode. Shame, as I'd love to just be able to get back to the side-missions (which I've heard all unlock again once you finish the last mission).
Yeah, all the missions you did not complete become available, plus you now have enemies from later in the game throughout Mars. Plus, if you are really interested, they add an "Insane" difficulty level (I think that is what is called, maybe "Intense"?)

Hope you get a chance to beat the game. I understand the desire to want to complete the game on the difficulty you've been playing, but for me, I had more fun once I stopped getting frustrated by what I found to be somewhat cheap difficulty. That is my only major complaint - I feel like the game's difficulty does not level up gradually, but rather ramps up a steep incline once you enter Oasis. That's why I dislike the middle of the game so much.

Either way, good luck in your quest to beat the game.
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