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Re: The Witcher 2

If I continue playing the Witcher 2, I should consider going to anger management courses.

Minor spoilers ahead.

I just came to the second boss fight. I kinda was expecting a fight so I planned on drinking some potions beforehand. Unfortunately, just before the boss that doesn't seem to be allowed anymore. I had the squirrel Iorveth tied up to get to the kingslayer, when I noticed it's not possible to meditate here and the potions I drank earlier only had about a minute duration left. After talking to the kingslayer the inevitable boss fight happens and I had exactly 4 seconds of potion-time left. Considering the amount of hitpoints the kingslayer has that is hardly enough time. Even when skipping through the cutscenes and dialogue as quickly as possible I only had about half a minute of potions.


To add insult to injury, the kingslayer has every piece of the arsenal I have, just better. The only thing he doesn't do is dodging. But that doesn't matter, since his quen deals damage every time I touch it and my aard is so weak that I need two of them to disable his quen, leaving me essentially helpless. I tried circling around him for a while but then he just throws grenades and replenishes his quen. In this case he doesn't kill me, but I also don't kill him. It's the eternal circlestrafe. When I decide to go in for some damege, one hit of him takes away half my health respectively disables my quen. One hit of me tickles him just a little. Unless his quen is active, then a hit of me staggers me, allowing him to hit me for half my hitpoints worth.

So, yes, I died a lot. I got annoyed and switched difficulty to easy, and suddenly the guy was a pushover. No resistance at all. What happened to balancing? The gap between easy and normal for this fight is so vast, you could fit in a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier and would have room to spare. There was no satisfaction or sense of accomplishment for beating him on easy. But the worst part (for me, at least) was yet to come.

After I take away a bit more than half of his life without him doing nothing about, a cutscene starts where I suddenly loose. WHAAAAAAT?!? When I'm supposed to loose anyway, why wasn't it enough how I lost on normal that dozen of times earlier? Why can't the same cutscene play regardless? When he wiped the floor with me anyway the cutscene would have been perfectly appropriate, but after the easy-pushover it just doesn't. At all. Until the cutscene he didn't even touch me once. I hate it when games do this, when they let you fight a fight you're supposed to loose time and time again, until you loose 'properly'. I was so mad I immediately switched off the game and went jogging for 10km to cool off. Afterwards I launched Deus Ex again on Deus Ex difficulty without crosshairs or object highlighting. A much better game.
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