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Re: Last movie impressions

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
I kind of liked the first one but didn't like this one. It was way too long, tried way too hard to be a LotR epic, was too absurd; a teenager sword fighting with an experienced certainly much stronger man (if he would have been the son of a blacksmith or at least a farmer and not a normal student it would have made some sense), was too mature for having kids as the heroes.
It just made no sense within its own fantasy logic as eg Pan's Labyrinth did. Those kids appeared like foreign bodies even though the fantasy world has speaking animals, assassin mice and the lion Aslan as the king of all.
It is pretty much the opposite of above mentioned Die Brücke. That movie was a documentary look on kids getting soldiers because the leadership lost scruples to burn their future resources. Prince Kaspian not only uses kids soldiers but also those kids are the ones in throwing anything in the war. In the end not only for defense but for the glory of victory...
Morally imho quite unsettling when war is glorified to be a perfect exercise for kids to grow up.

Very stupid movie, even Adam Sandler movies appear like Shakepeare against that. But since i like unreal stupidity i liked it.
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