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Re: The Witcher 2

I figured as much, but I still don't know which of all those bars represents my stamina.

Speaking of ARGH!, just finished the boss-fight with that tentacle monster. What a broken piece of rubbish! I died a couple of times until I noticed the sorceress shouting I should use the yrglpfrtlz-sign (or something like that), which I wasn't even aware of yet. Fair enough. After that I got stuck at the second stage of the battle. Nothing worked, wherever I went I hit an invisible wall, was stuck between a tentacle and a hard place.

After running back and forth for about 20 minutes I consulted youtube and thought: "wait a minute, that doesn't look like on my computer!" For some reason the path I was supposed to run up was blocked by an already hacked-off tentacle which was clearly not supposed to be there. After another reload this stoopid boss was finally stuck as intended and I could casually walk up and kill it.

but seriously, wtf?
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