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Re: The problem with 3D is Me

The Nintendo 3DS is a weird beast. One one hand, I think it's very successful at what it was built to do. I just recently played through Ocarina of Time, and wow, the 3D in the Temple of Time was awesome (as was the gyroscopic aiming, except don't try to do both at once). The inability to maintain the 3D when the head is moved slightly IS definitely a problem, but I don't think it's the worse problem.

I think the biggest issue is that perhaps 3D on gaming portables, like with televisions, is not something people really want yet, if at all. My first reaction when the 3DS was unveiled was to celebrate it's increase in horsepower. Even now after owning one, the fact that I can play a spruced up version of Ocarina on a handheld is far more impressive, for my money, than 3D visuals. The 3D is fun, but awesome looking, fully realized games are where it's at. Of course, that brings us to yet another big problem with the 3DS...

Still, I paid full price and have no regrets. Nintendo, despite it's faults, has always delivered over the years, one way or another, especially in the portable space. Anyway, great article, well written, I enjoyed reading it.
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