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Re: Please Rate This Review: Nier Third Opinion


As with all reviews like this, it focuses to much, in my opinion, on "non-game like" feature e.g. story, characters and music while not giving enought insight on how the game plays. For someone who has never played the game, telling them that the story and music is awesome is generally not very convincing, even if it's true (and it Nier's case it certainly is).

So I would cut 2 ou 3 paragraphs and add 2 or 3 more on describing the gameplay. First, one could explain that Nier plays like Zelda with a Bullet Hell twist and references to dozen of other genres -and not a GoW clone like SE marketed it). But then, tell the reader what he should do except for boring fetchquest. Is it heavy on combat ? Puzzles ? Customization ? Boss fights ? Exploration ? Towns ? etc.
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