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Re: Last movie impressions

L'année dernière à Marienbad
In the first hour i thought: what a bullshit movie. It repeated itself over and over and actually has little to tell.
But it had a sort of hypnotic charisma, a beautiful pompous hotel, clear black&white color, sort of annoying music but i liked it in the end, although i'm not entirely sure why.

Die Brücke (1959)
Much better than the remake i saw previously this year.
First hour showed the normal lifes of a school class of sixteen year old boys. Following the front line news and speculating about where it will be tomorrow, being the man in their homes, waiting for letters from their fathers and such.
Most of them are happy when they get their enlistment call in a naive i wanna be a grown up defending my country, believing war is spectacular, fun and glorious attitude. Certainly they grow up fast when they are left alone, nevertheless force themselves to fulfill their duty.

Eastern Promises
I'm not sure if it said actually anything or if it just was pretentious with bad-ass characters. Liked the style but the plot seemed holey.

Absolutely fantastic cutting. Every single scene change had a seamless transition to the next one.
The actual movie, also great.

Transformers 2
Great action. Removing the mommy's boy is leaving nonsense, and the parents needlessly reappearing later for no use might have been better and shortened it a bit.
Fallen is a joke, less screen time than Megatron although he is supposed to be the big villain of this movie and looses almost instantly?
The army is really supporting this movie? Despite they get their ass kicked in every single scene. How stupid is that?

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