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Re: Human Revolution

According to steam I'm now 14 hours in. Here some impressions:

I love it! I have played the first Deus Ex but never finished it. Partly because at the time it came out I didn't know what to make of it. The mechanics felt stiff and some things just didnīt make sense to my younger me. It's safe to say I read more about how great Deus Ex is rather than having it played myself. If you are adamant Deus Ex 1 is Jesus reborn and nothing will ever reach it I have to offend you: I enjoy Human Revolution a whole lot more than I ever enjoyed Deus Ex.

The stealth mechanics of DXHR are just so good. It bases on line of sight and sound. It feels natural and the thrill of sneaking past a squad of heavily armed guards without being spotted is incredible. The gunplay is good as well, with guns being loud and brutal, but nowhere near as remarkable as the sneaking.

So far I've been in two hub cities, both larger in scope than what I remember from the first Deus Ex. Side missions are scattered around and they are proper missions with clear, tangible goals. No feather collecting (I look at you Assassins Creed) or other video-gamey-fetchquests anywhere. If they would have just taken the side-missions and called it Police Quest: Adam Jensen, it would already be a good game.

Apart from the game being not on par with e.g. Crysis 2 or Uncharted 2 in terms of graphical fidelity I have only one criticism, about which to tell I have to get to SPOILER territory. Highlight the text below if you don't care about spoilers or played at least 6 to 10 hours into the game.

Last Warning!

My main criticism is the boss fights. Or rather, the first boss fight, I only encountered one so far, 14 hours in. It's debatable if a game fairly grounded in reality should have a video-gamey-bossfight anyway. But I don't fault it for having something like a boss, I fault it for the way the encounter is handled. Until the first Boss, a son of a toaster called Barett, it is open to the player how to tackle any given problem. There is always at least a second way to solve a problem. Stealth or violence. Social or stealth or violence. Hacking or violence. Barett removes all but one: violence.

I was lucky to have at least some basic combat augmentations (invested some points in dermal armor), otherwise this would have been even more of a nightmare. The fight feels like the boss was flown in from a different game.

I have to admit however, that the Barett was an interesting change of focus. Until meeting him I was the predator. I was sneaking in the shadows, knocking out guards, leaving them running around in panic. Suddenly I was prey. Barett is a bigger fish in the pond. He can see through walls like I could, he has more armor, more weapons, more everything. Suddenly I felt like many humans must feel in the world of Deus Ex: obsolete. Scared of what augments can make out of someone who might want to kill me. That in a time when being human might just not be enough.
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