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Re: 3DS second circle pad rumour

I think having two analog stick type controls most readily lends itself to FPS style gameplay, which is never going to be a strong genre on a console with a 3.5 inch screen and poor distance rendering.

I think this rumor is baloney.

That being said, if it's NOT, I think I'm just about done with Nintendo for now. The 3DS titles I have are, with the exception of Shadow Wars, pretty gimmicky, and not much else. I think 3D is great as an effect for games that don't need it, like Shadow Wars, and a bit of a mess where judging distance is important, like Ridge Racer or Pilotwings... I cant help moving my head when I play these action games, and that costs me with double vision images and watering eyes until I reorient my head. Do that a couple of times and I'm done playing.

So I feel Ive traded my nice big DSi XL for a 3DS which has a smaller screen, less room to hold it and press buttons, and preloaded shovelware.

I feel like Nintendo has taken a crap on my head, basically. I'm tired of their bullsh*t.
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