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Re: Last movie impressions

Homevideo (TV 2011)
A really bitter movie about the risks of Web 2.0.
very good and imo in many aspects realistic drama

Mr. Brooks
Not bad, not at all, but it felt a little lost in between the usual killer movie which are always trying to surprise the viewer and a psychological drama. I'm especially not sure if Hurt, although he did a good job, was necessary since the inner conflict could have been shown other wise. The psycho thing would have benefited imho, and maybe the surprise factor too.
Usually precisely characterizing the main persons is important but here showing his other personality from the very beginning sort of simplified it to me.

The Game Plan
Nice Disney stuff.

Has not been long since i saw it for the first time, but since i really loved the comedy Superman figure and nothing better was in the program....
i don't think the whole relationship between him and Therons character made much sense. It switched too fast from suspicion, regret, bragging about power, unnecessary sort of childish fight, eternal love, though divided happy ending. Weird. Remove their fight and develop his amnesia better. Maybe a flashback to their cinema visit. When he starts to loose his powers, gets some punches on his head and suddenly remembers some bits again. Be confused about if it actually happened or if he is just making it up because he met her and liked her or whatever.
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