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Cool Re: Nintendogs + Cats Golden Retriever New Friends Tips Help Tricks Hints Strategy Gu

I unlocked the robo-voucher thing and brought a robodog - their a waste of money!!! They are exactly the same as the furry dogs, only they have different sound effects. Oh and in my opinion, the piano is a waste of money too. It costs about 4000 and my cat didn't go near it!

ok, KELLY, not 2 B mean, but the robopup isn't a waste of money... HERE'S SOME ADVICE... IT COSTS 0 BUCKS.
i also have a robopup (leslie 07) and she is "like" the dogs, but the only difference is that she makes messed up noises and MY robopup has NEVER, EVER, POOPED. Just 2 say, i had another 1 before her, (123). And oh boy, he #2ed like crazy. i know what you mean, i just wanted to say a weird story...

and with the piano, if you give your cat some time, it will lie down on the piano keys... my cat Chip runs all around in ours, and makes a lot of noise... sometimes my dogs think it's like music, so they howl just like they do while watching our new flat screen TV! (i laugh)
so be patient, ang good luck!
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