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Talking Re: Petz Horseshoe Ranch Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

All right, I know this is stupid. I will swear on anything you want me to that these codes are correct codes and that they are THE ONLY correct codes. To enter a code, there are 6 spaces. Enter the ones I have provided for the second and last spaces and put anything else in the other spaces.

*h***t angel Maine coon, angelic wings/halo
*p***y pirate lemur, pirate outfit
*s***n astronaut mandrill, spacesuit
*d***v devilish tamarind, devilish wings/horns
*h***l fairy yorkie, frilly collar, fairy wings 2, crown
*e***t ballerina capuchin, ballerina outfit 2
*a***n superhero husky, flying cape
*u***q surfer beagle, surfer pants, sunglasses, beach ball
*u***l clown marmoset, clown hat 2, frilly collar 2
*w***l ballerina Russian blue, ballerina outfit
*k***i soccer American shorthair, soccer jersey, soccer ball
*c***w diva pug, fluffy scarf, tiara
*e***w mustang, red scarf
*r***j cheerleader white Persian, cheerleader outfit, pom poms
*a***i rocket abyssinian, rocket pack
Meadow ballerina capuchin, ballerina outfit 2
Wetpet mustang, red scarf
*t***o native American Chihuahua, Native American feather
*g***k rockstar boxer, leather jacket suit, spiked collar 2
*l***v baseball squirrel monkey, baseball player outfit
*p***c army ocicat, training pants, dog tag 2
*t***m basketball golden retriever, basketball jersey, basketball
*p***q diva Siamese, fluffy scarf 2, sunglasses 2

This is not mine for the original go to
Hope it helps you like it did me! It really works!
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