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Wink Re: Timeshift Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

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how do you kill the tank? (I'm in one of the early levels) there's an unmanned tank nearby, and a turret sin the center of this courtyard thingy. the tank is on the other side of a wall, shooting through a gap. what do I do?
You slow time,then get near tank,in front of him there are walls on the right and left,go to the one on the right,if you want to recharge your timeshifting,then slow time and pass the wall and you will probably notice something like a subway,go there and you are passed.Also you can see on your radar that the icon for objectives destination can be something like X,and something like V,when its V,it means its not on the same hight as you while X is.Good luck!
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