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Re: Last movie impressions

@RandomRob: I am fully aware of all that, but I still don't like the movie

@Crackajack: Far Cry isn't even the worst, Alone in the Dark is still the worst movie I have seen to this date.

@Topic: Blitz with Jason Statham. It's better than his last movie (the mechanic or the janitor or something like that) and its a more serious one than his most popular (crank, transporter). Blitz is more akin to the (underappreciated) Bank Job than to Transporter. The acting is (surprisingly) solid and all, but the movie has one problem, actually two: it has no beginning. And it has no real end. It just starts somewhere and follows the life of some people, in between a lot of brutal murder and then it just ends somewhere. No real conclusion for most of the threads the story consisted of, as there was no explanation where they all came from. A lot of people get a bit of screentime and it's never clear who's important and who will disappear again after 5 minutes.

I read somewhere it's based on a series of currently seven books. If that's true then this movie feels like someone took the middle one and tried to make an isolated movie about it.
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