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Re: Last movie impressions

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Kind of has the spirit of a Be Kind Rewind/ sweded movie.
Sort of bizarre sometimes but in the end also very likeable.

Lord of the Rings (1978)
The visuals must have been more than ok at its release but with painted over and sometimes just weirdly colored real scenes it reminds me of how Monthy Python acted in their Grail movie. It must have been a great amount of work to do it but it looks cheap in the end.
It's most of the time true to the source material, and Peter Jackson obviously has seen this movie since he some scenes are quite similar, but overall his new version is much better. It takes the needed time to tell the story, it doesn't cram 1 and a half book into a little over 2 hours, which can't work for an epic tale LotR is.
It would have needed a lot more budget to realize it those days, but if it would not have half failed we might have never gotten the Jackson version.

Far Cry
Making a movie of a game is usually no good idea.
Making a movie of Far Cry seems like no good idea at all, since the story was craptastic.
Uew Boll as the movie maker is usually making the potential of the story even worse.
And all those apprehensions were true. He took the surprise moment (there are monsters uh oh) of the game and told that right in the beginning. So even the small chance of a half decent movie was screwed right in the beginning.
Til Schweiger as the retired lazy drunk veteran ... ok, now i got... you have to perceive it as a comedy not an action movie... and then it's really half decent.
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