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Re: Last movie impressions

Watching it now, I think the greatest strength of Tron is that it comes from a time when the older generation saw computers as business machines; at best, extensions of calculators and typewriters, but nothing more. The younger generation saw the inherent possibilities of a free communication network filled with the creative energy of millions of programmers, and how it would escalate into something larger than anyone would've imagined, and the movie Tron was a celebratory nod to that spirit.

Not terribly deep, but not without heart, it still has a nerdy charm.

To the Hi-Def enthusiasts who are fans I wholeheartedly recommend this disc. The artwork of the film has been lovingly restored. Not improved, just returned to how it looked 20 some odd years ago. There are still some things in it that are defining moments both for videogames and film, that opening reveal of the whirling insides of CLU's tank, for example.

Just gorgeous, even now.
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