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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
You can get rid of the red dragon
I like the dragon, although i usually dislike such stretched wait, wait, wait... RUN passages in other games. It's sort of the only thing so far that really gives the world character where the weird Nexus, Boletaria in fog, 5 stones, i can trade souls with you whatever blabla seems like total nonsense so far. Actually would be fun to ride that beast.
I guess that's not possible?

The tower knight is easy in theory.
If i would have the time to get to a safe spot to analyze his actions before i die, then yes.

Try another weapon, for example a one handed sword. Then you don't run out of energy that quickly.
I already use a dagger(?) for the wolves and a (rather long range) spear (?) for the two guarding knights outside. Slightly better/ faster than with the original Halberd, which is already broken or whatever. But the character is still totally exhausted faster than my real me would be.
Is my demon slayer character a demon slayer or did they through a fat lazy bum into the world?
That exhaustion system drives me really nuts. It's never ever realistic and it's not fun.

As a general rule you have to adapt to the enemies. If your weapon and armor are not up to the task change them
The general rule of RPGs is normally to play a role. A dude with armor equipped, and not some leather nothing, is normally acting like a tank on the front line?!?
A good game allows different playstyles. When i choose a knight it should be possible to act like a knight, not shift to archer, thief, magician all the time.
Morrowind allowed a nonsense mischmasch character. So here its the same?
I'm not even a fan of RPGs but it seems like as soon as great customization is available it is not only possible but necessary that the actually chosen role has to be blurred to an unrecognizable condition.
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