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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
But the first enemy that had beaten me more than once was that red eye knight that regenerates health all the time. Had him almost killed once but figthing a single not really impressive enemy for about 10 minutes can't be the plan of the game?
That knight guards a chamber that you won't get access to until very late of the game. The red knight is a portent of things to come, not an enemy you should take on before beating your first archdemon.

You can get rid of the red dragon with a bow and about 150 to 200 arrows (depending on how good you hit) when shooting at him every time he strafes by the first tower from where the archers were sitting. That makes approaching the tower knight much easier. Getting rid of the red dragon is pretty boring though. On my second playthrough I was reading a newspaper while finishing him.

I also don't use the lock-on function all too much. Only when dealing with a single enemy or when trying to backstab someone.

The tower knight is easy in theory. Sprint past him to take out the archers first. His weak spots are his heels and head. Weapons with slashing damage work best against him. That said: I had it a couple of times that he fell on me when I tried to kill him, smashing me in the process

It is important to strike quickly, so take a faster weapon (see below). I beat him with a knight in full armor using a longsword, so it's not necessary to take your armor off or something.

Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
I chose the temple knight. Heavy armor melee type. My type of gameplay in such games. He seems to have too much heavy armor which result in no breath after each single strike
Try another weapon, for example a one handed sword. Then you don't run out of energy that quickly. The polearm which is the temple knight starting weapon does nice damage against large groups, but is too slow and unwieldy for many areas of the game. In the first level there should be a scimitar lying around somewhere, try that one. I played through most of the game with longsword (very versatile weapon) and longbow. Only at specific enemies I switched to the meat cleaver.

As a general rule you have to adapt to the enemies. If your weapon and armor are not up to the task change them
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