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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
@crackajack: looks like you rushed headfirst into the jaws of death and died. Good.
Being occasionally roasted by the dragon is odd, but ok with me since the intro showed their king of the ring presence and so i got a proper warning to stay away from them.
But the first enemy that had beaten me more than once was that red eye knight that regenerates health all the time. Had him almost killed once but figthing a single not really impressive enemy for about 10 minutes can't be the plan of the game?
Given up to go that way with my current level.

Mother Blob took some time to get all those little minions killed but was easy.

Next place to die more than once, actually more than a dozen times was the tower knight, respectively the 5 enemies at the end of the running sequence with the dragon and being pissed by the way to get there. Clicking R3 while having an enemy in plain sight (the guy who waits in a corner to backstab me) but no reaction is enraging me.
Running away of the hot breath of the dragon before the tower knight, so having no stamina, switch to the awkward lock-on system and heavy hitting quite often not the enemy but despite him the object beside him. WTF That's enraging me.

And the tower knight himself is really imba to the max. I go through the fog. I just see a giant black whatever, realize some arrows hitting my shield. whoosh. Almost dead. Hu? I better get away. whoosh. Dead. WTF! Try to get my souls back with the plan to immediately turn around. But going right back seemed impossible. The fog is a one way road? WTF! Ok, now i want to beat that guy. But my character moves so slowly it's impossible to react to anything he does. I am dead before i'm even in the range of being able to attack him.

I chose the temple knight. Heavy armor melee type. My type of gameplay in such games. He seems to have too much heavy armor which result in no breath after each single strike (although ultrafast regeneration which appear me like nonsense 2 times... a more sluggish stamina system like in Fight Night would be much better) but on the other side his armor doesn't protect him at all against hits? WTF! I can't move fast, i can't take hard hits. I just have a shiny clothing. Where's the usual role playing logic?

Two atmosphere killers:
Worst use of havoc physics in a long time. When all dead enemies hop weightless around all the time when they are slightly touched it's really bizarre.
The online-system with 2 of 3 messages being sort of spam bullshit. I have not even experienced any soul invasion incidence but i am tempted to log off PSN just to remove the online additions.
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