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Re: What are you playing right now?

Started playing Crysis 2, partly because I liked the first Crysis, partly because the new DX11 patch and high-res textures for the PC version came out.

I'm now a couple of hours in. While Crysis 2 is undeniably pretty and the graphics on ultra-settings show where the next console generation will be, the game itself is a bit meh. What I really liked about Crysis 1 and indeed Warhead was the relative freedom to play a Predator from the movie of the same name. It still works in principle, but the stealth mechanics don't work very well in Crysis 2. The reason for this seem to be the mystical powers of stairs. I had a couple of occasions where I was sitting in cover, decloaking so that the energy of my suit could replenish, just to be spotted and fired at through concrete walls. I found out that this seems to be happening more often if an AI guard looking for me is standing on a flight of stairs.

But the power of stairs don't end there: I was firing at an explosive barrel next to two guys coming down a set of stairs and while they were engulfed in flames and shrapnel, they emerged said flames and shrapnel unscathed. Thanks to the powers of stairs they could indeed fire at me through the wall I was hiding behind. The only way to get them to loose me was to hit E for cloaking and run zig-zag like a rabbit chased by a bunch of wolves.

I can go on about how Crysis 2 makes one step forward to jump two back by noticing how awful the scripted events are at times. The game takes control away from the player multiple times. One particularly maddening occasion was relatively short after starting the game, where I spotted some evil dude chatting with a woman in front of a helicopter. Well, as far as I know that dude is at least in part responsible for the misery I'm in so I as a player would really like to shoot that guy. It's not that this would be so difficult: I am sitting at the perfect vantage point for sniping him and have a rifle with scope ready. But thanks to the scripting I can't do anything. I have to sit there and listen to his conversation with that women while I would rather plant some bullets in his face to refurnish his denture. Then he sits in the helicopter for some more seconds, in plain sight, before taking off after which I'm finally allowed to move again.

At another occasion I destroyed some computer in order to prevent evil soldiers from accessing the data. The voice in my ear tells me to get out of there. "Easy" I think, remembering seeing an emergency exit just the other room so I run back, kill 2 goons along the way and stand in front of the emergency exit, unable to open it. Then I realized that I wasn't able to open any normal looking door so far and this was not an exception. To tease me the door said "emergency exit, push handle to open", but no movement, pushing or punching on my part achieved anything. Then a helicopter shows up that I have to shoot down so that another scripted event can take place which enables me to proceed further. WHY CAN'T I JUST OPEN THE DOOR?!?
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