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Re: Please Rate This Review: Dead or Alive: Dimensions

You need to edit in a few places. Sentence 2 : "All the game's characters in this fighting game series..." feels redundant (and anyway would need to be "games'").

Para 4: "gamut" seems at odds with "sparse". What exactly do you mean by this? That they don't occupy your time, or there aren't enough different modes.

Para 6: Delete "spike in"; the difficulty ramping up to impossible levels is the spike. Also, this game mode sounds amazingly stupid. You really can't control the alternate?

Para 10: The 3D effect adds visual "flair", not "flare". If you want flare, get J.J. Abrams.

Otherwise, seems pretty good. It could probably stand to be a bit shorter. You could afford to give less detail about the Arcade and Tag modes, for instance.
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