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Re: Please Rate This Review: Portal 2 Third Opinion

Originally Posted by Richard Naik View Post
Hey, sorry it's taken me so long to get to this. I must have missed the update email.

This is some really good stuff, and it's pretty damn close as-is. However, I think you could stand to elaborate a little bit more in the third paragraph about the differences between the two games. What is the first game about that the second one isn't? What is the second game about that it shouldn't be? You don't need anything too lengthy, but a sentence or two that sets up the rest of it will do.

Also, I'd *really* prefer if you could give the multiplayer at least a dry run. Normally it wouldn't be an issue, but with a big name title like this you want to make sure you have all your bases covered.
Hey Richard, thanks for the feedback. No worries about the delay, you're a busy man.

I added to the third paragraph in a couple places, here's it in its entirety. The bold represents newly added sentences.

The original game wasn't just about puzzles. There was an incremental build-up to the realization of GLaDOS' true intentions. This eventually causes the player to use their training to fight back when the time arises, and not simply go by what GLaDOS says. The revelation that the guiding voice of GLaDOS wanted to kill the main character Chell felt like the basis of the entire game. Portal 2, on the other hand, is about Portal 1, in almost every way that it shouldn't be. So much of the game feels in line with the original's formula, it's hard to shake the feeling that Portal 2 only exists as a fleshed out version of the first game.

About the multiplayer, I did play about 30 minutes of it to get some easy achievements, but not enough to be noteworthy. I understand that it's very fleshed out and creative, but after completing the lengthy single player, I wasn't interested in doing more portal-based puzzles. I rented the game via GameFly, so as you might imagine I no longer have access to it, and I can't get it again since I cancelled my GameFly account a few days ago due to the lack of titles that interest me coming in July. I can certainly understand why you'd want to to dabble in it a bit more, but my interest in Portal 2 from the very beginning was seeing where the story and characters ended up in the single player. I edited my Disclosures to state that I played it for 30 minutes, just to be as accurate as possible.

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