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Talking Re: Petz Horseshoe Ranch Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

i know alot of these have already been posted but i summed them up and found a coulpe extra for you guys!!here goes!! netpet meadow swindl mkyzmi christ thrill aptcay esjt2n fdrgtv havfun cashii wetpet funpal dgspak dr68jj dr68ii edcrfv oceanw stinko ilovev queenq spacec bechwt yellow starso newcat petpet garden patchi stripo stallm spotty appleq funnyq thirst thirdt resort baboon bullyl bullyq eeriet getpet quetsl glucky wdfers treats addpet

sorry if i repeated or if some don't work because i found some only work for some people and also,i was just getting some from other websites and i couldnt test them 'cause i don't have my DS on me right now!!!hope these help you!!and your ponioes will be so happy once you get all this stuff!!!

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