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Re: Last movie impressions

The problem with T3 is that it completely contradicts what was set forth by James Cameron in the first two.

T2: "You have some impact on how your life turns out."

T3: "Never mind that last movie, things are pre-determined, get used to it."

I have no problem with a bummer of an ending, but the fact that the movie completely disregarded what came before is ridiculous. However, as mentioned, the truck chase scene was good fun and even the ending was at least not "predictable" (though I thought it was pretty obvious what was going to happen).

Salvation on the other hand had more going against it: 1)No Arnold, which yes is a big part of the franchise and no a super-imposed head does not count. 2)PG-13 rating, what the hell!? 3)Directed by Mc G, enough said.

Yet, with these, and many other cons going in, it turned out quite enjoyable. Unlike the third movie, in Salvation the acting wasn't horrible, the story was decent, and I actually was interested in what would happen with some of the characters. Still, as previously mentioned, the movie was missing something, but overall a good mindless flick.

And as a total aside:
Even with all his success, I feel like James Cameron may still be undervalued for what he does.
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