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Re: Last movie impressions

Mao's Last Dancer
Discovered the DVD case at Target and was intrigued by the true story of a Chinese ballet dancer who defects to the US. I rented it on Netflix and was really was really moved by the story. The cast of actual ballet dancers is amazing and makes me embarrassed for anyone who thought Natalie Portman--flapping her arms around--did all her own dancing in The Black Swan.

Originally Posted by frogofdeath View Post

A really enjoyable movie, especially with how bad it potentially could have been. A few things were a little lame, but overall, I wouldn't mind seeing a direct sequel.

Terminator Salvation
Wasn't expecting much and thus was pleasantly surprised. Definitely better than the third installment, but still not close to the first two. Something seemed missing, but not sure exactly what it was (more Terminators maybe?).
Your impression of both films pretty much match mine in that I was surprised at how good both were.

The problem with both film franchises is that neither have a rich enough science-fiction to sustain any sort of believable mythology (Terminator in particular), but yet both movies do a convincing job and while they don't surpass the original films, they both had some smart writing and elevate the source material in a way that few of the other sequels did.
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