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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by JLB1987 View Post
You've played Heavy Rain, right? What do you think of Farenheit, in comparison? I loved Farenheit, but *hated* the story, almost ruined the game for me, and certainly ensured it wasn't the classic it could have been in my eyes.
I find the characters in Fahrneheit ALOT more sympathetic and interesting than those in Heavy Rain, and I liked the score better. I like the feeling of the temperature dropping. Frozen NYC is a venue that works for me.

I think since Fahrenheit never comes off as anything other than a 'B' game, I'm alot more forgiving towards it. Yes, I thought the story got way over the top, but I didnt have a problem with that. Its a videogame adventure about the end of the world... my expectation was that it would go to another world or someplace crazy by the end.

By comparison I thought Heavy Rain's story was so limited in scope, and one note in the emotions it was trying to convey (sacrifice), it had nowhere interesting to go by the end. Ethan rescues his son.. game ends. His sacrifices are painful, and that made me feel more like a voyeur, than a player.

I think Fahrenheit is a better game than Heavy Rain.
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