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Re: Favorite movies?

Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
Your list was pretty interesting, but why AI? I often view it as a bad revision of pinocchio.
it covers all the important and uncomfortable social aspects of human-seeming robots.

I don't like Pinocchio. Pinocchio spends his life trying to integrate into a frightening world of people who want to hurt and exploit him.

David in AI just wants to be human so he can go home, and realizes that he is damned and chooses his dream anyway.

Also, as a film that was literally fetched from the lost & found, it fascinates me to see Kubrick's vision in the hands of another director. Spielberg I thought did a great job. I don't think AI is a great Hollywood film, I DO think it is a great Sci-Fi film.

I also understand most people find it laborious and grim, and/or uneven.
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