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Re: Please Rate This Review: Knights Contract

Originally Posted by SparkyClarkson View Post
I like the changes; this is getting pretty close, imo.

One thing you should clarify: Trent indicated that you could pick Gretchen up and carry her around without penalty. Was this not true for you, or was it something that wasn't clearly explained in the game? Also, when she's being carried, can Gretchen cast spells? I'm still not clear on what the set of trade-offs around this mechanic is, and it seems like it's important for understanding how the game plays.

The piece might be a bit long. Think about what you can trim to make it a bit leaner without discarding the important points about the game.

Nit note: you didn't spell Rapunzel correctly in the High.
Thanks Sparky, I've made the following changes:
  • I've added a paragraph directly after the one about the broken AI concerning the act of picking up Gretchen, and how it affects the game.
  • I've reduced the word count from 1177 words to 990 words.
  • I corrected the misspelling of Rapunzel that you mentioned.

I appreciate the feedback!
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