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Re: Please Rate This Review: Knights Contract

Originally Posted by SparkyClarkson View Post
This comes across as a pretty personal review, by which I mean that you show up a lot in it. I think it could do with a little less of the signposting ("...I've established...") and a little stronger orientation towards the game.

For the most part, you do a good job of laying out the core concepts of the design and showing how each one fails, but you don't really go into any depth about the immortality mechanic. Which character is immortal? Does that impact the gameplay positively or negatively?

In terms of this site, this would be a "second opinion" review. The editors generally prefer for these to engage in at least some dialogue with the initial review (here's Trent's). Trent seems to have felt that the witch wasn't too much trouble, but he hated the QTEs. So, perhaps you should focus on the shortcomings of the co-op (disputing his take) and leave off commenting on the boss fights, since he covered that in much the same way you did. You both seem to think that the spells are overpowered, but he appreciated the aesthetic while you did not; that's worth exploring some.
Thanks for the feedback, Sparky. I've made the following adjustments:
  • I completely removed the paragraph about the boss battles, and instead added a sentence to the last paragraph referencing Trent's review.
  • I relate my review to Trent's three times, in the sections about Gretchen's AI, the environments, and the bosses.
  • To address your question about how the immortality affects the gameplay, I added a small paragraph discussing just that.
  • I changed the OP title to "Knights Contract Second Opinion." I don't think I can change the actual thread title, unless there's something I'm missing.
  • I expanded on my issues with the environments, and why they feel so bleak to me.
  • I removed a lot of the signposting that you mention, primarily both of the "I've established" lines.

Thanks for the advice, please let me know if you have anything to add.
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