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Re: Please Rate This Review: Knights Contract

Originally Posted by Decabo View Post
I wanted to get that out right at the beginning, because the rest of this review will be me explaining why this game is an absolute mess.
Get rid of this sentence, maybe reword it. You don't need to tell the reader that you are getting it out of the way, there are other ways to phrase it and not lose your meaning. Maybe something along the lines of, "Unfortunately, that's about all the game has going for it." I would probably expand a little, but that's the basic gist.
Knight's Contract is a bad game, but what makes it stand out to me is how truly blatant the flaws are.
I would get rid of this sentence as well. Once again, let your points and paragraphs back up what you are saying in this sentence, which I think you do in the paragraph that follows the above sentence.

One last item, I find this review too long (even if it fits in's word limit). In part this is because of the fact that you dislike the game. No problems if a game is not a positive experience, but I would focus on two, three negatives max. Maybe throw in one positive, then close it off. As of right now, it just reads too long for my tastes.
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