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Re: Please Rate This Review: Knights Contract

Hi Decabo,

Cheers, obviously any suggestions I make are from my own subjective view so it's up to you whether to incorporate them or not!

What I meant about your introduction was that I'm used to getting the game overview\background story - for example "Knight's Contract is an action-adventure in which you escort a companion through several levels of.." - in the first paragraph, so that I can make a judgement about whether I should read on based on my taste in games.

So while your conceit is nice, sometimes it has to be subservient to the utility of the review. I found that by the second or third paragraph, I knew it was a new IP, and that it was a mess, but didn't know what it was, or whether I should be interested. What I'm trying to say is that you've built the start of the review around the idea that you'll praise the original idea, and then continue by saying how badly it's been implemented. My own choice would be to go the more traditional route and either dump that conceit, or write it in a different way further down the article. It would require reworking the first half of the review though, so feel free to ignore!

Regarding changing the order of the paragraphs, that's fine. I thought it would be better to have a general introduction, actually get rid of the sentence "I wanted to get that out right at the beginning, because the rest of this review will be me explaining why this game is an absolute mess" and then move that paragraph up. Basically leave the 'bad game' stuff for later. But again that may be a matter of personal taste.

When I talk about gameplay, I'm only talking about getting a basic sense of the game and how you progress through the world. Is it a platformer, a series of linked open levels, or what. I guess I would have liked that info encapsulated in a couple of sentences at the start rather than distributed throughout the review.

Nice reviews so far. It's very apparent that you have the skill to succeed at this, so best of luck!

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