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Re: Please Rate This Review: Knights Contract

Hi Decabo,

Before jumping in to point out that KC is a bad game, I feel that you need give more background and explain what the game is about. Otherwise people will be reading that second paragraph with not the slightest idea of the background story. Personally I would elaborate on the first sentence - taking revenge on humanity for what? How do the witch and the executioner team up? What genre of game is it? What does the gameplay consist of? etc.

I'd replace this sentence - "a unique idea, for sure. In an industry dominated by sequels, new ideas always excite me, and I do my best to give them fair attention." - with a precis of the game. Then carry on as normal with the rest.

"the AI is absolutely nonexistent" - you could say the AI is broken. There is also some redundancy there - absolutely nonexistent, the spells aren't incredibly unique, Boss battles feel incredibly sloppy - which I would remove.

I would maybe put the semi-positive paragraph which includes the references to Enslaved as the second paragraph here, leading on from an extended and re-written first paragraph in which you explain genre and plot. Good to get the positive stuff at the start - then you can tear it apart below.
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