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Re: Last movie impressions

Mimic (1997)

Decent! A better horror film than I would've expected, anyway. Thin on likable characters*, but some good establishing environmental tableau for the monsters. The early shots where you see the creatures just here and there for a second are excellent.

THEM! (1954)

Still the best giant bug movie ever made. Why? Because they built giant ant puppets that move in a believable fashion and they dont dick around with character development at the expense of slowing the momentum. Every monster movie ever made owes it's life to this great little film.

Metropia (2009)

thrown together Philip K Dick- wannabe paranoia sci-fi (boring nebbish hears voices in his head but only on the subway, suspects conspiracy, discovers conspiracy, meets smart girl, becomes terrorist, bombs evil corporation zzzz) with strange looking CGI puppet people who only move right or left or in or out of frame. No lateral movements in the whole film. Didn't like this movie strongly, seriously.

*MIMIC Pet peeve- dont sell me a female character as a ethically challenged career geneticist who dooms a whole species, and then expect me to care that her home pregnancy test came out negative. And anyway, pregnancy test bathroom scenes dont belong in giant bug movies. Ever, Ever, EVER. For any reason.

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