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Re: Please Rate this Review: Socom 4

Hey Wesley,

While it's pretty apparent that you know your stuff with this genre of game, the review is a bit hard to follow for someone who isn't familiar with the genre.

The prose is very dense and stacatto. The first paragraph covers plot, control scheme and AI, for example, and also makes reference to a separate game that people may not be familiar with.

Also, it's a bit casual and personal - eg "I didn't really get into it that much or even understand what the point of the whole battle was all about", "I can't say that I even remember what the music in the game was really" etc. It really reads like you're discussing the game with a friend rather than explaining it to someone who hasn't played it.

I can see you took a lot of care with the review - it's well laid out etc, but maybe you should re-read it as if you were some stranger reading it for the first time. There are a lot of little things in there that you'll notice.

You obviously know your stuff; maybe just try and make it a little less dense to read.
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