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Re: Last movie impressions

X-Men: First Class
The X here stands for excellent. After two quite underwelming movies (with the last stand being downright terrible) I'm surprised how well this one turned out. It's not just good compared to the previous X-Men, it's good compared to the best comic book movies out there and can easily stand next to (or even atop) Batman Begins. Still not as good as the Dark Knight, but First Class immediately became number 2 in my list of favourite comic book movies. The leads are well worth watching, especially Fassbender has an enormous presence, McAvoy makes a more interesting Dr. X than Captain Picard before him and Kevin Bacon seems to genuinely enjoy himself. Go, watch!

After watching First Class it's pretty obvious how 'average' Thor is. It's not a bad movie by any stretch, but it just misses a spark. It looks rather dumb next to First Class. Natalie Portman is still cute though.
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