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Re: Last movie impressions

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
I liked the calm style of the movie, with some occasional bursts of pitiless violence, but the story had the same boredom level as There will be blood.
Actually i think the cutter could have removed more than half of the movie without touching anything. Also it was missing a proper intro. It assumes the viewer knows Jesse James' biography by heart? The last few minutes gives some ideas of his position within the society, which seemed to love him despite him being a murdering sociopath...? Instead of focusing so much on a more or less uninteresting assassination it should have told more about Jesses past and also explained the motivations of Robert Ford much better. I mean before the big kill he shoots one of his "roommates" while that man had a reason to be shooting around, and he had not? He suddenly goes to the police after being accused of reminding Jesse of someone else. Ok, in a weird way very plausible, but why did no authority just arrest him? He has been a cruel enemy before i assume, and some people liked him, so he had some backup in the people, ok, but living with him for some time, doing the job alone while appearing as totally afraid of the man ... shooting him in the back takes two guys some weeks(?) ... wtf? Are we in a Lucky Luke western reality were you have to wait for the perfect moment?

Death at a Funeral
Brilliant turbulent black comedy which ignores the usual respect on funerals while being able to keep the respect for the man in the coffin.

Village Without Women
About three brothers, farmers, living outside of a really small village without women in Serbia. They hear that in Albania villages exist were the situation is exactly otherwise. So one brother eagerly gets a passport...
Rural depopulation is a problem in many regions, but here the movie not only shows men searching for partners but also searching in a country were they fought in war some years earlier. So it's not only a documentary about some "lowered expectations" figures but also about countries trying to find a way back to normality, to peace. Awkwardly funny, when "e-mail" is a totally alien word, but never laughing at those characters which appear like they have been left behind in previous sometimes even in 19th century. Appearing like hard working, sort of nice guys, presumable not well educated, definitely poor considering the ruinous house, without a bathroom!, so they, even if this movie gave them some fame, will have a hard time to find their princesses their Playboy magazines make them dream of.

yeah, the CGI version. I haven't seen the original and Dr. Seuss was actually a new name for me.

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