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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
Nobody forces you to. For most of the games I played I have about 30% of achievements. Some games less than 10%. So what? I don't let some arbitrary number govern the way I play a game.
I know, I generally have around 30% for games I have finished, and have never had any interest in getting any more - in fact it annoys me when those trophies pop up on screen.

Until Demon's Souls. For some reason this game has turned me into a grind-happy trophy whore. I'm even looking back at other games thinking, I need to get some more trophies. I fired up Flower again so that I could get the 'Contemplate the scenery for three minutes after completing a level' trophy. What have I become?

JLB, the Demon's Souls trophies are things like, collect all unique weapons, collect all the Rings, learn all the Miracles and Magic Spells. For each of these you have to spend boss souls, ie you need the Dragon God's soul for the blacksmith to upgrade some weapons, and to learn two different spells. So that is 3 playthroughs right there. More if you accidentally kill the blacksmith on one of your playthroughs
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