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Re: Please Rate This Review: L.A. Noire

Originally Posted by Richard Naik View Post
I think this has some potential, but try to address the following:
  • Don't use "you" ever, unless it's a rhetorical question or something like that.
  • In the first paragraph you say the game was "greatly oversold". What exactly was it hyped as that it did not live up to?
  • Not sure what this means:

    The following paragraph doesn't really explain it. How exactly does the lack of things to do add dramatic weight?
  • Can you be a little more specific in regards to what saved the game for you in the face of all the problems? Was it the "craftsmanship" of the city itself? Of the cases? The characters?
  • Gotta cut down the word count. The 1000 word goal isn't a hard limit, but try to make your arguments a little more concise. I'll leave it to you to decide what to cut, but I'm not feeling that your arguments require this much text.

I realize I'm trying to pull you in two different directions by asking you to cut down on wordiness while expanding some of your explanations () but it's the balance that every writer must find, and sometimes it can be tough. Give it another rewrite while keeping an lookout for broad statements that aren't backed up, and let's see what you come up with.
Thanks for the advice, Richard!
  • Good call, I made sure to take all of those out.
  • I see what you mean, I added to that paragraph to explain what it was hyped as being.
  • I feel the final sentence of the paragraph makes it more clear:

    So I guess the reason I wanted L.A. Noire to have distractions so much was because the game's narrative can be mentally exhausting due to its tone and depth, and that's not something a lot of games can pull off.
    Basically, I'm saying I wanted side-activities because the game's dark tone started to wear on me after a while, and I was sick of dealing with death, drugs, rape, etc. Not many games these days can cause such emotional exhaustion, and I think the fact that L.A. Noire was able to speaks to its craftsmanship.
  • I found the interrogations, clue finding, and action sequences enjoyable, but what really pulled the game out of the fire was the amount of detail throughout the world. As I said, the feel of driving a 1940's car through a beautifully recreated L.A. provides a great feeling that this game has in spades. So that's what really saved it for me, despite the game's many flaws.
  • I'll try to cut down on the word count some more. It's tough, because I use a lot of specific in-game examples, and this can get wordy pretty quickly, but I agree, the review needs to be shorter.

    Thanks again, Richard!
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