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Re: The Witcher 2

Didn't realise he gave Killzone 3 a 10/10. That's pretty bad. I can't defend that at all, so you got me there.

Still, he's no perfect, and I'm not saying he's the pinnacle of gaming reviews, it's just that we have such horrible writers in gaming that I'll literally take anything I can get.

Anyway, back to Witcher 2 - I managed to get back into it today. I think maybe I was just a little burned out before, so it maybe felt worse at the time. I mean, the combat is still missing its potential (the PC Gamer reviewer says it's undercooked, and I can agree with that) and the inventory/crafting is driving me insane, as is being over-encumbered all the time. But I'll get there eventually, I think.
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