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Re: The Witcher 2

Yeah, my early enthusiasm for the game has kinda died now. The little annoyances have kinda weighed me down now, during Chapter 2, such as the awful inventory management with crafting and not being able to store items (of which I don't know what's important and what isn't).

The early promise of the combat has kinda died too... I just spam shield spell, and mash my mouse for instant win. Even on hard. Might have to use tactics on multiple enemies who have a shield or more health, but in all the combat isn't anywhere near as fun as I was having at the start of the game. I still use potions to make the process easier, and I still enjoy that, but I could probably not bother and still get by.

Story and characters are still keeping me interested, to an extent, but I'm even getting tired of the quests, especially the lack of direction most of them give. It's becoming a chore now, and I'm having to force myself to play to get my money's worth. Not good.

Honestly didn't see myself feeling like this when I first got the game. I'm usually a master of seeing through novelty, but it seems even I was tricked on this occasion. ;p

Jim Sterling recently posted a review on Destructoid, and I'm inclined to agree, although I'm not in full agreement on every flaw he points out. The only problem with his review is that it makes Dragon Age II look better, which isn't the case. Same deal with PC Gamer's review. It's a problem with the whole media, really; they rate one underwhelming game too highly, and so anything that scores less, but is clearly better, makes them look like they're contradicting themselves. Tut tut.
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