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Re: The Witcher 2

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
For example you can lay down a trap that immobilises one of them, while casting shield on yourself and attacking the weaker guys to thin them out a bit. It can be quite strategic.
Nice examples there. I'm reading some people are complaining about the combat, but as you just pointed out the game is more than merely hacking until you win, and so if you go into a fight without utilising everything you have you'll die pretty fast.

I've yet to reach any real difficulty spikes on hard mode, and usually die due to my own poor decisions in combat. Usually means a bit of trial and error, but I can live with that, though on the hardest mode you apparently die "for good", so I doubt I'd have patience for that.

Don't get me wrong, my initial feelings of Demon's Souls-like combat is perhaps a bit too kind of a comparison now, since I don't feel the overall combat is that strong, but compared to the last game it's a massive improvement.
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