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Re: The Witcher 2

Finally got as far as Chapter 1. For deep world building, characterisation, and writing, this is head and shoulders above almost everything else out there.

Combat is pretty cool, once you figure out what the hell you're supposed to be doing. Groups of enemies will bunch up so it is hard at first to split them off from the pack so you can go mano-a-mano, so you have to figure out the best combination of traps, spells and swordplay to deal with them. For example you can lay down a trap that immobilises one of them, while casting shield on yourself and attacking the weaker guys to thin them out a bit. It can be quite strategic.

There are lots of little weird things like mini games, QTEs, and timing-based challenges (for example evading the dragon). Where these things (like changing to a top-down view) were lauded in Nier, I feel they're a little out of place in an immersive RPG like this.

Still early days though.
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