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Re: What are you playing right now?

Given up on Quake 4 (too tedious). Red Faction is being played abround half an hour every time I get a session on the 360, because I'm on the last mission and can't do it (I'm playing on hard mode). Hoping that I'll get through it soon, as I really want to get back onto the side missions that I've missed. Awesome game, but the last mission is way too difficult.


Started this again, in part because I rushed through the story missions on my first play through, and so this time will be taking my time, chipping away while putting my main focus on Arkham Asylum. Forgot how much fun this game could be; I have a feeling I will gain a lot more by not focusing on just completing the story missions this time round. The gunplay in IV is solid when compared to the *abysmal* shooting mechanics in previous GTAs (although it is no where near as satisfying as in Read Dead Redemption, unfortunately), but I love driving vehicles. I think Rockstar got the car handling spot-on here.
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